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Yoga and You Anywhere, LLC

Welcome to Yoga and You Anywhere
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Gentle Class

Here is a Gentle Beginner 20 minute Yoga class. I would love to hear what you think! Let me know what other types of classes and poses your are looking to see more of! 

Check out the YouTube Channel here: TuneinYaYa

Class Types

Beginner Yoga

This class welcomes all levels of practitioners. Work through Asanas (postures) a little slower and with many options for modifications. Focus on breath and foundation to create a better understanding for your practice


Calming and stress-relieving, this class will gently stretch and gradually strengthen the body. Building awareness of the breath, the body, and how they connect, a slow, easy pace makes it easy to focus on alignment and detail. Whether your practice is new, you have special concerns or injuries, or you just want to relax after a long day, this all-levels experience is for you.

Happy Hour Yoga

Exhale the week, and inhale the weekend full of possibilities. This all-levels class features fun tunes and gentle cues to help you rock your asana and find what feels good.  

Hatha Flow

This class welcomes all levels of practitioners. Work through Asanas (postures) in a cycle of 5 breaths, 3 breaths and 1 breath to help give one a sense of pattern making the practice move with more fluidity. The final round can become easier to maneuver each allowing the student to focus more on the breath to travel to a deeper plane of understanding.


Relax and Renew with this lovely class that uses all sorts of props holding relaxing poses for longer periods. Allow your body to melt a little deeper into the mellow side of each posture using the props to assist you on your journey. This class is gentle and for all levels.


Energize your morning with this mixed flow. We will break down Sun Salutations and focus on proper alignment all while breathing in good energy. It'll be a workout that leaves a smile on your face to begin your week. All levels are welcomed!