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The Seeds WE Plant: Holistic Healthcare Movement


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself” -Rumi

Now, I want to be clever and wise! I know that part of my purpose in this world is to help others cultivate the ability to take care of themselves holistically. Healthy Habits Help Heal is my motto and one of the reasons I opened my donation-based Yoga studio in 2015! I believe the more we do for ourselves with the mindful intent to heal. the stronger we will become physically, emotionally and spiritually! You can help keep this dream alive and help it evolve! 


The Seeds WE Plant evolved from my idea of owning a completely donation-based Yoga studio. Nearly 4 years in I began to think of how much more I could give to the world! Currently, with the help of the donations I receive and the amazing people that work with me I bring the community donation-based classes. However, the cost of overhead causes some classes to get cancelled. With this movement, SWP will strive to bring our community classes, services and workshops that are designed to help them create greater awareness to their own holistic health without the worry of whether they can afford it. We all could benefit from focusing more time on our own self-care of our mind, body and spirit! 

 The Seeds WE Plant is a holistic healthcare movement that aims to bring classes, workshops and services to our community by donation to all!

No one will be turned away!  

Get Involved

By becoming a supporter of this cause, you pave the way for the SWP movement to take root. Our donations are not tax deductible. I believe that eventually, my home base studio will be partially or completely self-sustained through the donations of just the people that walk through the doors. Then, all other donations can pave the way to help SWP root down in other cities around the world! Once we get this energy flowing, who knows where it will lead! You can be a part of this story with your donation! There is no donation too small as I did the math and if 1% of the USA population donated $1 to this movement, they could fund the minimum vision I have completely for over 18 years! How amazing would that be for people!!! We have the POWER! Let’s take it back! 

Donating is EASY

Donations can be made by heading over to our website and buying a gift card!

Just fill out as directed below and add to cart!

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Recipient Email: yaya4yoga@gmail.com

Make checks payable to

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There is also a GoFundMe page set up to make our movement and story easy to share through email and social media to those you love that may want to help us reach our goal! 

The Seeds

Once initial funds are raised SWP will have the opportunity to support the community for at least 1-3 years with classes, services, and workshops all designed to help one heal the mind, body and spirit while cultivating living a life with more awareness! And, all of this will be by donation to the public. No one will be turned away. My experience in the last 4 years is that the people who can pay do! So, as we continue to receive donations from people around the world wanting to help sustain this INTENTIONAL SEED OF HEALING and the donations we receive at our physical location we will begin to pave the way for more years to come and potentially more locations around the world!


Your Part

By donating, you are assisting keeping my original idea of a donation-based studio alive with the chance of evolving into something even greater! Please consider donating what you can. As I mentioned earlier, no donation is too small! Also, please share this idea with those who you think will be interested in seeing the full potential of this vision coming to fruition! The more people who are able to donate, the better chance I have of being able to fund what I want to plant in this world! You have the power to help me build this forest!

Community Studio/Private Services

The basic plan I have in mind for the classes and services with SWP is being able to offer a minimum of 20 group classes and 28 private services a week on a donation basis. Again, remember, no one will be turned away! This will allow many people who may be suffering from debilitating circumstances the chance to begin the process of healing their body, mind and spirit! Think of how some people may not be able to afford the maintenance their body needs to live with a specific condition or cope with stress comfortably. There are so many people who work hard and find it challenging to afford classes and services for self-care or maintenance even once a month! SWP can help begin to bring healing to a wide group of people that have not been able to seek it out. And, I truly believe the more we heal from the inside the more we can contribute to the world! 

Once the funds are received the teachers and private service providers will be able to set aside certain hours each week to dedicate to the SWP program. These blocked times will be available to all as donation based. If they begin to get booked up too quickly, I will set up a protocol in order to ensure that the people that need it most are able to take advantage of it! Imagine having the opportunity to take advantage of group classes or a massage once a week without having to worry about whether or not you could afford it. I know so many good hard-working people that could use what SWP wants to offer! 

Here are just a few of the private services my vision would offer to the community! Also, take note that some of these services can even be offered remotely! So, if you don’t live close by, you could still take advantage of what we have to offer.

Possible Services

Crystal Healing

Massage Therapy

Personal Training


Sound Healing

Tarot Card readings for Inner Reflection

Therapy Sessions


& More


In addition to the community classes, and private services SWP will also offer various workshops designed to help heal the mind, body and spirit! For instance, Spirit Journey’s that focus on listening to inspirational books while practicing Restorative Yoga, Chakra Balancing, Reboot and Restore, Bootcamp, Art Therapy, and Community Camp are just a few of the ideas for workshops I have in mind.

Y12SR Classes/Support Groups

The Y12SR program supports recovery through a class model that is an adjunct for those in recovery combining the practical tools of a 12-step program with the physical and spiritual practices of Yoga. These groups can give people a stronger chance to heal and recover. SWP also aims to hold space for all support groups. Often support groups are held in locations that are cold and unwelcoming because that is all there is available. WE want to create a more welcoming environment for those that seek healing.

Supporting the teachers

SWP aims to support contracted teachers who are willing to help hold space whether or not a class/service will happen. With this commitment on their part SWP will pay them regardless even if their time doesn’t get booked or if no one shows up to class. As a service worker it is a challenge when a client or class is cancelled. Most of the time this means that you will not get paid and that can be tough if you have multiple cancellations throughout a week/month. Each teacher and service provider will have a designated schedule of classes/private sessions set aside each week and will receive compensation regardless. This will help lessen the burden for them in giving back to the community. It will also help clients who may not be able to donate much to know that their provider is still being taken care of. All the donations that come in help to support this effort!

Giving Back

Also, in the business model I have planned we will work to build a community that will help our community! Part of our work will be to volunteer around the city cleaning up and helping where can. We will also be able to give monetary donations to local charities! Plus, in the future, we may even have the opportunity to help fund a new location in a new city!

Help Spread Awareness




Supporter Perks

Drop-ins, Packages and Members

If you are already part of our studio you are already part of the movement! Your generous support has already put a dent in our goal for the upcoming year to make the evolution of YaYa possible! For you we will strive to keep classes on the schedule and add more for you to take advantage of as we are able. 

Corporate Donation Perks

$500 or more receive appreciation on our donor wall at the home base studio as well as acknowledgement below with link to their business!

$1000 or more will receive perks above as well as a personal shout out through social media!

$5000 or more will receive the perks above as well as the option to take advantage of a company wellness program!

$10000 or more will receive perks above in addition to a specialty service once a month!

Individual Donation Perks

$500 or more receive appreciation on our donor wall at the home base studio as well as acknowledgement below with option to link to their business!

$1000 or more will receive perks above as well as a personal shout out through social media!

 $5000 or more will receive the perks above as well as the option to take advantage of a weekly private service!